Our other interests

To go with our main passions we do have other interests that we have mentioned in the pages about each other, but also we have dedicated pages on the left for some more.

When we went to the various airshows & museums we amassed a collection of helicopter pictures, but at Waddington in 2001 the I.A.F. came with a F15I Ra'am not normally seen in the U.K. & we were able to take a lot of pictures around it.

Due to my knowedge of PC's & model making I have modded or made from scratch cases for my PC & there is some info on my work on our site if intereested.

Also we have got the page made for Craig & Alex Hilton's wedding in 2002 as a present so that people can see the event if they were unable to attend.

Also there is our links page to specific sites we like.