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We were both interested in aircraft & airshows before we met with Sarah, as a child, living near airfields in Norfolk & Lincolnshire & myself going to airshows as a child & building model kits, so it was one of things that brought us together.

For the airshow season we have to plan which shows to go to well in advance due to Sarah's job as she has to check if her weekends off match or if there are other events e.g.. motor races. We used to go Mildenhall till they stopped doing shows & we have lost Woodford, which was our local show a few years ago but as we don't mind travelling all over to get to other shows we can still pursue this joint interest.

 Sarah with John Nichol

Sarah & John Nichol at "Waddington" 2001

In show terms we are one of the "early bird" crew, the kind of people who get up at wonderful times like 3:00 AM, make enough sandwiches & drinks to feed half the airshow, pack camera gear/ deck chairs/ travel rugs & anything else just in case, travel during the dark & watch the sun rise slowly over the motorway to be there when the gates open, still queue up listening to the essential music tracks like "Road to nowhere" & "I drove all night" & what is the first thing we do when we get on base? GRAB A BACON SANDWICH.

We normally stop overnight on the way back from the longer distance shows to give us a rest as we are getting older, but to our family & friends amazement & amusement we sometimes travel, stay till the end of the show & then come back on the same day !!

When we used only normal film camera's we used to get through 4 or 5 rolls of film a time & when we went to develop one set with the "Stealth" the first time it came over we were nearly classed as "spies" by a local "photoshop" & they asked us to fill in a form to say where we took them, but now we mainly use digital camera's.

We used to have Kodak DC240's & a DC4800 which limited us to static aircraft as we can take the shots, have a look at them on the camera straight away & if they need to be re-done just delete them & re-take.  As a lot of photo's were used for reference in my model building this wasn't a problem.  During our airshow "break" we have regulary updated our cameras & now use a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 & Fuji HS-10, which allows us to take photo's of display aircraft & video/sound if we want.

One day, & finances permitting, we will look at a true DSLR but so far the 2 cameras we have will siut us in our hobby.

 Sarah's new jacket with patches

Ellen the lobster

Sarah's patches on her new jacket
(easy to spot her at shows)

Not so little "Ellen" the lobster we won at "Cottesmore"

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Yes apologies to those who check this page as due to other interests & time we had not started to go back to airshows till 2009.  We managed to get to Waddington & Fairford to take the latest batch

Click on the menu options at the top of the page to see more photo's we have taken at various U.K. airshows or just click on the samples below for a "taster".

 B1B photo

 A10 photo

 Mirage photo

 Harrier photo

 Sea Harrier photo

 F117 photo

 Tornado photo

 F16 photo

 F4 photo

 C130 photo

 MIG 29 photo

 Harrier GR3 photo


 AH64 photo

 Chinook photo