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F15I Ra'am

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F15I Ra'am

Waddington 2001


The Israeli airforce came to Waddington in June 2001 with one of their C130's & an F15I decorated with a hawk on the tail fins.

The main differences with the F15I  are the different engine nozzles in the "turkey feather" style, Different rear flare & chaff dispensers & different antenna for G.P.S. & E.C.M. & on the fin tips.

If you want to make this version of the F15 then a firm called "IsraDecal" based in Israel do both the decals & the resin conversion parts to convert the Tamiya 1/32 & 1/48 scale F15's, but I think they are available through U.K. model suppliers.

IMPORTANT NEWS!!! This page & photo's have become so popular we may have to start paying for our bandwidth, so if you know of any firm that might "Sponsor" this page then please contact us.

Here are some photo's of this rare visitor to the U.K. & if anyone wants the original digital photo's then contact me & I'll put them on CD-ROM for you.

Ra'am photo No.1

Ra'am photo No.2

Ra'am photo No.3

Ra'am photo No.4

Ra'am photo No.5

Ra'am photo No.6

Ra'am photo No.7

Ra'am photo No.8

Ra'am photo No.9

Ra'am photo No.10

Ra'am photo No.11

Ra'am photo No.12

Ra'am photo No.13

Ra'am photo No.14

Ra'am photo No.15