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Martyn's challenge coins

I have in the past few years started to collect "Challenge coins". These are small, usually round, coins used by mainly the U.S. military & other oganisations.

There are a few versions on the story of how these coins came about & from talking to various crews at airshows  one of the most common uses is to offer a "challenge" to other servicemen when in bars as well as if the person needs to identify their unit quickly

The tradition of a challenge is the most common way to ensure that members are carrying their unit's coin. 
The challenge, which can be made at any time, begins with the challenger drawing his/her coin, and slapping or placing the coin on the table or bar & everyone being challenged must immediately produce the coin for their organization and anyone failing to do so must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and everyone else who has their challenge coin. However, should everyone challenged be able to produce their coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group.

I started my collection when going to the Mildenhall & Fairford airshows & talking to the crews.  I now have started to search on the net & get them imported over (damn the V.A.T. I have pay when they arrive).

Please see below a small selection of the 70+ I now have & also most of them now in the wooden "Stadium" to rest them in.  I still need to do a bit of re-positioning of the coins to how I want.

Photo of coins No.1

Photo of coins No.2

Photo of coins No.3

Photo of coins No.4