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I have been making models since I was a young boy & when work & other stuff don't get in the way still spend time on this hobby. As with some model makers I have drifted in & out of various scales starting with small 1/25 & 1/72 scales, but now tend to be larger scale projects to test my skills & wife's patience. Now starting to take over the spare room with unbuilt kits & all available surfaces with models in build. Apologies to my wife here for nicking her ironing board, dining table, pegs, cloths & anything else I need when making them.


I used to make a lot of aircraft, but now my line up includes Sci-Fi, ships, the large 1/12 scale cars & the large scale armour. 


Using my electronic skills by seeing where I can enhance a model by fitting lights etc, I have also started to get into more airbrushing & weathering of the models. Luckily with work we now also sell airbrushes, paints & tools so having AK Interactive & Vallejo paints to try you should see these in the later models. I would like to have a go at doing stencil work but will be tryng on sample pieces before venturing onto actual kits.


I visit my local model show in Crewe, which is held in late February, & try to get to Telford in November when work allows to see what other modellers have made, get tips & take photo's of their models for my reference.


For some reason a lot of shops now only have a short sales run on kits before either the manufacturer discontinues them or they cannot get any more stock, so I end up with an ever growing "to do" pile. Together with not having much spare time has slowed down the kit updates, which I apologise for, but I hope when they do get on here they are worth it.


In the shipyard a 1:35 PT-109, 1:350 scale H.M.S. Hood inc the upgrade set & Eduard metal details, the 1:400 QM2 & the massive 1:200 Bismarck are awaiting the keels to be laid & work to start. In outer space the federation & Klingon empire are still missing a few ships ( Enterprise & Klingon cruisers) , on the streets a 1:12 Shelby Cobra is waiting to be unleased & there are 3 1:16 tanks waiting inc the very detailed King Tiger from Trumpeter. With thanks to Ebay I managed to get the clear top & turret for this, so when done all the detail will be on show.


In 2014 I plan to get back into doing some kit bashing/ scratch work by making a sci-fi ship from old parts & some part built kits I managed to aquire & also do a lot more fibre optic/ lighting add ons.


Heavy in on the building at present so model guides & updates coming soon...  


The models I am working on at present are a AMT/Ertl's version of Boba Fett's Slave 1 but yet to decide what the next ones are to be as usually have 2 or 3 on the go.


Bandai 1/15 scale Sturmgeschutz IV    :- All parts now online Tamiya 1/16 scale King Tiger II.    :- All parts now online
Newstar 1/6 scale Harley Davidson    : All parts now online Bandai 1/15 scale Tiger I.    :- All parts now online
Monogram 1/16 scale Peterbuilt    :- All parts now online 'Dragonfire' trike    :- All parts now online
1/12 scale '57 Chevy    :- All parts now online Babylon 5 Starfury    :- All parts now online
Venator Star Destroyer    :- All parts now online Klingon K'vort cruiser    :- All parts now online
'North Cormorant' oil rig   :- All parts now online 1/8th scale twin engined dragster    :- All parts now online
"Maquis" fighter inc engine & cockpit lights     :- All parts now online 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari F190     :- All parts now online
Building 1/8 '32 ''Big Deuce'' Ford :-     :- All parts now online    
IN PROGRESS :-      
Building Boba Fett's Slave 1 :- Parts one & two now online    



So lets finish with the "blurb" & get to the pictures. Click on the thumbnails below to get the larger pictures of my models or click on the menu links on the left for more detailed build guides.

'57 Chevy modelPeterbilt 395 modelKlingon K'vort cruiserVenator Star DestroyerCormorant Oil Rig1/6 scale Harley Davidson"Dragonfire" custom bike

1/8 scale DragsterKing Tiger model Tiger I modelBabylon 5 Starfury modelSturmgeschutz IV model Completed Maquis fighter photoCompleted Ferrari F190


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