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Who are the Rigbys ??

Photo of Sarah & Martyn

(Sarah & I trying to do a portrait pose... Not normally us)

Our names are Martyn & Sarah Rigby. We live in Crewe, Cheshire & have been married since 1989, & how Sarah has put up with me for this long is a mystery.  Sarah works as a H.C.A. in the eye care Dept at Leighton Hospital & is also a fully qualified aromatherapist/ reflexologist. I am currently "in between" jobs after working @ Fujitsu till July 2009 but still got my engineering & webpage Consultant/Design skills

Our joint interests are going to motorsport events including races, shows/exhibitions & museums & airshows where we take photographs as well as talking to the aircrews & ground staff about their work. We enjoy travelling round the U.K. visiting various military museums & places connected with our interest in WW2 & the work of both the services & civilians.

As well as joint interests we hold personal hobbies, which are mentioned in the detailed pages about us, but also try to ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULL either together or individualy.

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