Telford 2007 I.P.M.S. show photo's




































Here are some photo's taken at the 2007 Telford shows held on November 10th & 11th. This brought together I.P.M.S. members & model makers from around the world to show off their skills with various kinds of models as well as specialist groups or themes.

There were special interest groups (S.I.G's) who were showing their particular field of their choice. It was great to meet fellow modellers, to ask for advice & pass on tips or  solve any problems with model kits & to meet up with kit suppliers & do my usual stock up of kits for 2008.

As well as an event for exhibiting models it is one of the biggest model fairs where you may find the "rare" model you are after or just  a bargain find. You can also stock up on modelling tools or paint.

One thing I will say is why the "burley" & forceful security guards at the competition area. They stopped me from bringing in my monopod that takes up less room than my own legs. I did say I was doing photographs for a website on the show, but was told either to "dump it" or turn around, so if some of the photo's are not up to my usual standard then the reasons are I either had to use flash or steady the camera in my hand. They even stopped a woman from carrying a handbag into the area & another bloke with a light coat on his arm even with the hall being very hot.

There was also no form of security in leaving the items so all you had to say when leaving was to point at coats, bags, photo equipment on the tables & say it was yours!! Maybe a bit of leaniency or proper ticket system would not go amiss.

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