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February 2013
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Building a "Corvair" trike

Part 1 :- Engine prep & building

These are 2 kits I had in storage, so with both being the same untill fitting of the "bodies" I would build them together  then just spilt off for the final stages.

These are very unusual models as they are virtually a large V6 engine & gearbox with the suspension mounted on them & a "body" fitted on top. One was a standard style body that had wheel arches & a "sedan" type cover. The other was to say he least unusual in being a dragons body you sit on with wings & arms & claws that sit on the air inlets. 

 SECTION 1 :- Engine build

Looking at the instructions, to me it would be easier to build & paint the main parts of the engine & suspension in one go so I followed the instructions for stage 1 to build the engine block which when glued needed a fair amount of filler at various parts that would not be covered by suspension or other engine parts (see the first photo).  I then sanded all of this down smooth & then started digress from the instructions by fitting none of the parts in stage 2 & just the main suspension unit in stage 3.  I then made the cylinder heads as in stage 4 bar the rocker covers (No. 19).  These were then glued to the engine block & left to dry in the correct position. The top engine cover in stage  5 was fitted as well as the pully block (No. 33) in stage 8 as all of these will be the same base engine colour.  The engine bolck was washed, dryed then painted in its' chosen colour, silver for the "Dragon trike & Supersonic blue for the "Corvair" trike.

trike01-Trike engine block

trike02-Built cylinder heads

trike03-Painted engine block

SECTION 2 :- Suspension fitting

The larger shock absorbers needed a lot of filler at the joins as when made the locating pins were slightly out. These were smoothed & painted together with the smaller shock absorbers.  The lower arms back in stage 2 were built & the wheel hubs from stage 18 glued on as these will be in the other colour in the two tone scheme for each trike which are Forest green" for the dragon & Gold for the Corvair.

trike04-Main shockers filled

trike05-Shockers painted

trike06-Rear suspension

Trike07-Suspension fitted


Part 2 will be building & fitting of the remaining engine parts & fuel & ignition wiring. :_ This is now ONLINE