1:15 Sturmgeshutz IV


Part 1 :- Base prep & Radio gear


This section covers fitting the base parts & wiring the radio control gear & testing it out.

The model is the 1/15 scale "Sturmgeschutz IV" from Bandai.  The model comes in a large box & when opened is well packaged with all the plastic parts bagged, the metal parts encased in plastic & all the nuts etc in little bags. A nice touch was that the instructions were on the top of the kit so you did not have to move everything to get to them.

photo of box model

The instructions are well presented with good pictures & diagrams to follow in clear stages but, of course, they are in Japanese. I luckily have a Japanese friend who translated the Radio control wiring sections ( Stage 6 to 10 ) as I think that they are the only parts that you will need translating to get the wiring colours correct. (E-Mail me if you want a copy of these).

So lets on with it then.  First have a good read of the insruction first to see how the kit goes together & to see where you can modify the build plan if you wish.  Looking at the stage plan & the paint scheme I will use I have altered some of the build to ease in the painting, but I will state on each stage when I have done so.


When you are hammering the pins into the suspension arms it is useful to have a vice or small block of wood to rest the arm onto when you hammer the pin in. Do not hammer it all the way down as you need to fit a piece of plastic over the pin when it is in the model to secure the suspension arm.  Hammer the pin in a little, push into the relevant hole in the base & rest the plastic piece over the pin just to see how much free space you have & how much more you need to hammer. remove the suspension & re-hammer & keep testing it till there is just enough space to press the locking piece over the metal pin & then press down.

suspension arms fitted


Fit your RS-380 motor into the gearbox & loosely tighten the screws.  Test fit the pinion gear to position the motor & tighten the motor screws.  Refit the pinion gear & secure with the allen screw. You will need a 3mm allen key to tighten this. Grease with a fine grease to ease the running of the gearbox.

motor & gearbox unit

STAGE 3 & 4

This is where I have altered the build plan by putting parts F1 & F2, E3 & E5, E4 & E6 & 2X E1 & E2 together & that is it. I will spray all these hubs & fit the rubber wheels, paint the parts G1 & G2, put these together & fit in stage 15 after spraying the base chassis.


All I did was to fit the rear spindle & mud flap

STAGES 6 to 9

Now for the radio gear & controls.  In stage 6 it can be fiddly to hold the parts  A & B & tighten the board up. The way I did it was to drop the metal contacts in place put the screw & washer through & rest a finger over the screw to stop it falling out & to give it support. Place the circuit board over the screw, the washers & the nut on the screw & hand twist the nut on.  This should stop the contacts loosing their position when you tighten the circuit board up with a screwdriver.  Stages 7, 8 & 9 are no problem just do not over tighten the servo horn screws.

speed controllers fitted to the mounting base

servo units fitted & adjusted

COMING NEXT:- Part 2 will be connecting the radio control gear.Click here for next page