Building a Babylon 5 Starfury


Part 1 :- 1st stage of sub assembly

The kit looks very easy to build as it only has a few parts, but looks can be deceiving. The work involved is in the filling of gaps in the poorly fitting parts & doing a bit of modification to some parts.

When you have done this you will get a very good looking model.

 SECTION 1 :- Fuselage build block

This is a simple stage of glueing the two halves of the fuselage together, allowing it to dry. Glue the rear section on, allow to dry. You may find that there is a gap between them, so out with the filler, then sand it down. The make the model more accurate you can drill out the two rear gun port barrels with a xxmm drill bit.

fuselage & rear section filled & sanded

Drilled out rear gun barrels

 SECTION 2 :- "Fuel cell" fitting

Now it's time to start on the "fuel cells" that go in the wings. It is easier, in my view to do both the wings at the same time, so I glued the lower fuel cells to the lower wing & the upper fuel cells to the upper wing. There is no way around the next point as the fit of them is awful. No matter how hard you try ther will be a gap, so to minimize the work it is better to have an even gap that can be filled with putty than have to fill one large gap with card & then still have to use putty.

large gaps filled & sanded in both wings

The next job was to fit the fuselage to the lower wing assembly & when dried fill in the gap between the rear section & the wing. After the first stager of filling & sanding I gave the area a light spray coat of grey to see how the joint was & to show where I needed to fill any other holes or gaps.

test spraying to see fit after sanding

 SECTION 3 :- Lower wing fitting

Very easy stage this one as it is just a case of glueing the inner parts of the lower wing on. I found that a small amount of glue on the top of the fuel cells held down with clamps allowed the wings to sit at the correct angle. When dried fill the gaps where the main engines join.

small amount of glue on the top of these to aid fitting

filled in edges ready for sanding


Part 2 will be upper wing assembly inc guns & also exhaust nozzel prep NOW ONLINE