AMT/Ertl Boba Fett's Slave 1


Part :- 1

I would have loved this to have been the Fine Molds version, but I saw this at my Crewe model show in a battered box for £5 so could not miss the bargain. I know some of the detail isn't great so decided to put fibre optics in the engines & instruments to liven it up. Hope you like what I am about to do?

SECTION 1 :- Wing preparation.

You have to start somewhere so I went with the bar that will hold the wings in place.  When dried I did a quick test fit of one pair of wings & saw that the ends of the shaft were slightly too small for the hole in the wings, so digging out the spare strips of plastic I have from "Evergreen" I glued a small piece on each end to make the shaft fit better. If this is what I have to do on the first piece to get it to fit can't wait to get on with some more eh :-).

wing shaft glued

Looking at the wings when doing the test fit I could see something else. When the wings were joined there would be a gap in the upper part of the wings that should not be there after looking at reference pictures.

The quickest way I saw was to cut some 0.5mm plastic card & glue it to the bottom of part No.s 26 & 27 & allow it to set. When dry I just cut out the areas not needed & sanded the card smooth to the edges of the part.

filler card & where it needs to be cut out

The bottom of the wings then went on & after drying & sanding the joins I did my usual trick of putting a light coat of paint over the joins so that any raised part of the join or holes are easier to see where filler was needed. Only a bit of filler was required & the first stage of the wings was done. I will leave these on one side while I get on with some other parts.

paint test to see where filler required

SECTION 2 :- Solo in carbonite

The AMT kit does give you a very 2 piece Han in carbonite that can be seen in the finished kit by taking off a top cover & the actual figure is made of clear plastic.  I had the idea of painting it from the underside using an acrylic called Chain mail from "Games Workshop" but when finished it did not look at all like any reference pictures as it was too shiny & the 3D effect looked very odd. 

I took some Humbrol "metalcote" Matt Aluminium & using a paint pallet added small drops of Satin black to it till I got a shade I was happy with (only took 2 drops) & then painted the top of the figure instead.  When fully dry I got a soft cloth & gently rubbed the raised parts of the figure as when you do this to Metalcote paints it alters the shading & gives a more "metallic" look. The outer part ( part No.13) was  painted in Gun metal ( Humbrol No. 53) with a drop of silver added & the two parts put together.

Han in carbonite finished

 SECTION 3 :- Engine preparation

Now to do the preparation stages for where the LED will be fitted for the engines.  The first thing I did was make the engine "exhausts" & only using a small amount of glue to hold the clear lower part in place. The join lines were very obvious so out came the metal files & filed them down till they looked level & then used filler over the areas I had filed.

engine nozzles before sanding

The exhausts were then sanded smooth using sanding sticks till I was happy & then put on one side.

To hold the 3mm yellow LED's in place I cut 2 10mm pieces of evergreen tubing (code No. 227 5.5mm) & glued them over the hole where the clear pin of the engine nozzles will come through.  Before the glue had fully set I did a test fit of the nozzles & a light source down the tube to make sure it was in the correct place & the effect was what I wanted (and it was). 

plastic tubing for LED's fitted

checking LED effect was correct for engines


Part 2 will be starting the fibre optics in the instrument panel & some work on the body...NOW ONLINE