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February 2013
1/8 '32 Ford "Big Deuce"

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Building a 1/16 Peterbilt 395

Part 1 :- Engine build & chassis construction

The building guide for this model will be different in that, as I used to work for E.R.F. and have seen how trucks are made & built them myself I decided to only use the instructions as a guide & make it as we would build & paint one.

The model is in a 1/16 scale, but is only an enlargement of a 1/25 scale version. There could be a lot of modding & scratchbuilding done on this model like putting piping in to & from the fuel/air tanks, adding brake levers & fittings, airbag fittings, etc.  This would make a great display model, but would take a very long time & a lot of expense.  I might do this when I get hold of another kit & the months to do it justice.  

 SECTION 1 :- Engine build

Just follow the instructions on building the engine as a complete unit ready to go into the chassis.  I painted the main engine block in the beige colour that CAT engines used to arrive to  us in & then highlighted the pipes, alternator, turbo unit, and fan blades, which are added when the engine on the sub assembly tracks. 

basic engine build

Engine pipework painted

completed second stage of engine

SECTION 2 :- Chassis Sub-assembly

I built the chassis frame by glueing the crossmembers onto one side of the chassis & left it to set in the mould first then glue the the other main frame to this solid structure & then allow this to set fully.  Doing it this way helps to avoid the chassis setting in a twisted position. 


primary chassis build



Part 2 will be fitting the axles,engine, wheels & also cab preperation.  This is now online :- click here