''AUTOSPORTS'' show 2010




Yes our, when we can, yearly trek to the N.E.C. in Birmingham on Saturday 16th January gave us chance to take loads of pictures & some of them are now here.

The show was good, but one point we need to make was we got there at the front of the queue to see Sir Stirling Moss open the show & maybe get his autograph, but after opening the main shutters to allow us to the scannng area one of the door people didn't have a scanner to let us past so we ended up near the back.  This was a stupid situation to be in for a large event area & Haymarket, & the N.E.C. team need to get their act together before opening it up to the public.

Autosports 2011-01Autosports 2011-02Autosports 2011-03Autosports 2011-04Autosports 2011-05Autosports 2011-06Autosports 2011-07

Autosports 2011-08Autosports 2011-09Autosports 2011-10Autosports 2011-11Autosports 2011-12Autosports 2011-13Autosports 2011-14

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Autosports 2011-72Autosports 2011-73Autosports 2011-74