Building a Klingon K'vort cruiser


Part :- 1

Looking at what is involved in this kit it is just a group of sub assemblies & the work comes when you join these up & the final paint job you do.

SECTION 1 :- Battle module

The first part of this build is very straight forward  but I found that a fair amount of filler was needed near the front bulkhead & where the hull sides met the  upper sections.

1st stage of battle bridge

I sanded the filler down using varying grades of sanding stick and when I thought it was ready I did one of my usual tricks of painting the areas in black or red paint to see if the sanding is correct or any areas need re-filling or more sanding is needed.  I left off fitting in the red deflector lens & the actual painting of the battle module till thewhole kit is done.

painted area to see if more sanding needed

SECTION 2 :- Impulse wedge & bridge assembly

As in  section 1 not much to do here bar checking & filling in the areas where needed after the glue has set.   

filler used on impulse wedge joins

SECTION 3 :- 1st stage of hull assembly

I decided to jump the kit's path here & do the 1st stage of assembling the hull.  As I am using the kit stand a hole hand to be cut to fit it.  I then glued in the rear bulkhead & the 2 parts of the port & starboard hull bulkhead.  This was allowed to set at the correct angle by just resting the upper hull on top & then   keeping it place with tape.

rear & side bulkhead fitted to bottom of hull

When the hull side had dried I noticed there was a gap between the 2 side parts & where it met the lower hull, so out with the filler again..

filler needed wher side bulkheads join

It didn't take much to sand this area down smooth ready for fitting the upper hull section.  As I done the earlier work in getting the angle of the side hull correct the top hull just glued in with no filler needed & just a light sand where the upper section met and some glue had come out.

filler sanded on side & bottom

completed main hull sub assy


Part 2 will be working on the engine nacelles and final build ready for painting Now Online