1:16 King Tiger build


Part 1 :- Chassis build


This section covers fitting the chassis parts


The model is the 1/16 scale "King Tiger" with the Porche turret from Tamiya.  The model comes in a very large box & when opened is packaged to Tamya usual high standard with all the plastic parts bagged, the metal parts encased in plastic & all the nuts etc in little bags. 

KIng Tiger model box

The instructions are well set out in Japanese, English, German & French with fully detailed diagrams with part numbers & any descriptions well written.

So lets on with making the kit.  First have a good read of the instructions to see how the kit goes together & to see where you can modify the build plan if you wish.  Looking at the build plan & the paint scheme I will use I have altered some of the build stages to help with the painting, but I will say where I strayed on each stage This is of course up to you.

Before you start

There are a lot of screws,nuts & washers of difference sizes in this kit & they could easily get lost or the sizes mixed up.  One thing I use to keep them safe are screw pots that sewing & cross stitch makers use to keep beads in.  They can be stacked together & there is room for the paper contents list to be put in.

storing screws etc in small containers

STAGE 1 & 2

There no problems with these stages nor did I deviate from any of the diagrams.


When it comes to fitting the torsion bars & the suspension arms then all I can advise is that at stages 2 & 3 when you come to locate the suspension arm into the torsion bar you will havevery little metal to fit the arm to so you will have to hold the model flat so that the torsion bar does not move out of the locating holes.

fitting torsion bars & suspension


No problem with this stage.

fitting front drive axle


This stage, if you follow it off the instructions, may look difficult but I can assure you it is not.  The only area to take care in is the fitting of the tension drum springs. Fit the springs into the drums as shown in the diagram & then hold them in place with the idler shaft.  The rest of this stage is easy to follow.

fitting springs in tensioner

Fitting tensioner to rear drive axle


The only thing I did not do is fit part No.'s B27 as I will fit them later after the painting of the model & these parts seperatly.

STAGES 7 & 8

The only deviation was to only make & not fit the jack as this will be painted seperatly & fitted later. The photo on the right shows a white primer sprayed on the chassis to help with painting later.

completed chassis

primed in white chassis


Part 2 will be building the turret, wheels & top hull. This is available HERE