1:8 scale '32 Ford "Big Deuce"


Part 5 :- Interior parts & final assembly


SECTION 15 :- Car interior

Now it's time to get the interior finished off.  The bench seats were sprayed in Ford ivory & then the trim was done using my red CD pen as in stage 7 of this guide.  The seatbelts were cut to length & pushed through the holes in the bottom of the seat & using superglue glued to the underside. A very small amount of superglue was needed to fix the belt buckles to the fabric & with some glue put on the bottom of the seat it was fitted inside the body & onto the floorboard. 

The pedals were put in place & the gear lever & red knob fitted into the hole in the gearbox coming up through the floorboard.  The steering wheel comes in two parts & the wheel was painted in matt black & the de-chromed spokes were given a coat of moondust silver & then glued together & mounted on the steering shaft.

interior now finished

SECTION 16 :- Front bumper mounting

DISASTER!!! While having to move some stuff round in the workroom & broke & then lost one of the mounting for the front bumper.. This could have ruined the build but after a few minutes to calm down & went back to the kit box to see what could be done. Do I now build it without any bumpers? was the first idea, but to me with the arches in place it would not look right, then looking at the old sprues I saw that there were 2 pieces that came out at a 45 degree angle & looked about the right length. Maybe I could do some kit bashing here?

So off to work I went & cut these two pieces off, but where to mount Them.  The front brace looked a good choice so I did some sample fitting & with the old sprues & a bit of plastic rod as a support the new mounting design was agreed.

test fitting the new mounting

The brace was de-chromed & sanded to give the glue a better fixing surface & the cut down sprue's fitted to it. A small strip of rod was glued on top of these to give extra support. When dry I sanded the joint of the sprue's & then filled & sanded the join line. The edges where the sprue will now meet the front bumper was filed to give a flat surface & a better fixing point. The whole unit was then primed & painted in my usual silver.  The end result, to me, looked good 7 would not detract from the finished kit.

new front bumper mounting finished

 SECTION 17 :- Headlights & horn assembly

Not many parts used in this stage, but I still took time & effort in getting the results I wanted.  I left the headlight bar chromed but sanded off the chrome from the headlight unit & the edge of the rim leaving the chrome on the mirror part of the headlight. I glued the rim & main unit together & after a light sanding hand painted it in matt aluminium.
The horn was de-chromed, the two parts glued together & then sprayed with moondust silver to match the colour scheme of this car.

Headlight assembly part finished

horn unit completed & painted

SSECTION 18:- Front end work

Now it's time to fit the bumper etc. to the front end. I fitted the horn to the wheel arch & then the chrome headlight brackets & allowed them to dry. While this was going on I used some clear glue just to hold the headlight lens in place. My lens were a very tight fit anyway & I could have got away with no glue, but thought it best to use a small amount just to be sure.  I then stuck the assembly into the brackets & using the cut thin tubing for wires pushed one end into the hole in the side of the radiator frame & the other into the back of the headlight.

Time for the bumper & moment of truth. I glued the front bumper to the new mounting & when set I put a fair amount of glue on each end of the brace & guided it into the slots in the chassis rails. To keep the bumper at the right angle while drying I put pennies underneath until it went to the right angle & then left it for a day to fully cure.  voilà! IT WORKED. The bumper was fixed & did not look too out of place on the finished model.  The final bit of work was to fit the chrome trim that goes on the top of the bonnet & for now that's this end done.

keeping the bumber at the right height

completed front end

SECTION 19 :- Rear end finishing

The spare tyre cover comes in two parts & after gluing it was sprayed in matt red primer to match the body.  The de-chromed tyre mount was given the now standard moondust silver treatment & glued in place into the rear chassis points. The fuel cap was left chromed & put in place on the tank (not able to see in picture below). The metal exhaust tips were held in place with a small amount of superglue & then I fitted the rear bumper.  The tail light fames were painted in matt aluminium to match the front lights & the red lens held in place by clear glue.  The unit were then fixed into the mounting holes on the body.  I needed to do a small bit of filing as the hole was just slightly too small, but do not overdo it.

The chrome boot handle & grab rails were put on & finally the large spare tyre cover was glued to the mount.  That's it for the rear end & it is now near completion.

rear end completed

SECTION 20 :- Windscreen

Nearly there now & not much left. I de-chromed the windscreen frame, windscreen braces & the wiper motor.  The braces & frame were painted in matt red & the motor hand painted in matt aluminium. I put the brackets onto the frame between the frame & brace before putting the actual windscreen in as it gave me a less flexible frame & also it allowed be to use pegs to hold the brace to the frame while it dried.  The wiper arm was left chrome, but for detailing I painted the blade matt black to represent rubber.  The motor fitted behind the arm & the whole unit left to dry. When I came to glue the unit to the body due to the weight it kept falling over, so I used low tack masking tape pressed on the body, over the windscreen & just sitting on the dashboard to stop it moving till it had set. 

I decided to leave the windscreen "wings" off as I just did not like the look when I test fitted them.

windscreen unit drying on body

SECTION 21 :- Final parts (YEAH)

Just some touching up to do now by fitting the cowl lights & running boards.  The cowl lights lens was already a tight fit so I used no glue, but maybe in a few months when the lens comes out I will think that some clear glue behind the edge of the lens would have been best. I carefully put the light on the recesses on the top of the body & allowed them to set.  While they dried I painted the running boards in matt red & when the lights had set glued them to the front & rear wheel arches. These boards only sit on small mounts, so are a very fragile joint & I would think not a good place to lift the model from when carrying the kit about.

cowl lights fitted to body

running boards fitted to the wheel arches

Well guys & gals it's done, finished, put to bed, built, etc.   I hope you have liked this personal guide on the way I built the kit & please get in touch with comments if you wish.

Completed custom Ford photo No.1

Completed custom Ford photo No.2

Completed custom Ford photo No.3

Completed custom Ford photo No.4

Completed custom Ford photo No.5

Completed custom Ford photo No.6

Completed custom Ford photo No.7

Completed custom Ford photo No.8



Part 6 will be...  Another model soon (free time after work permitting)   ....