1:12 Ferrari 641/2 (F190)


As one of our passions is motorsport including Formula 1 it was about time I got to work on the Tamiya 1/12 scale version of Ferrari's 641/2 or known as the F190. As with all Tamiya kits the packaging is very good & the parts have little or no flash to speak of.

SECTION 1 :- Engine block

Most of the rear of any late style formula one car has all these coming off the engine block so lets start here. Looking at how the build sequences had been done I decided to amend them to aid in painting.  I built the engine block up as in stages 1 to 3 bar fitting any of the rear mounting beams & piping. In stage 4 & 5 all I fitted was the rear part of the gearbox & the front of the engine ( E39). Before painting I screwed in the completed sub assembly E9 ready for the 1st set of painting. This will be taken back off after spraying ready for use later .....

Basic engine block ready for painting

The whole unit was painted in Satin Black & allowed to dry. Next came the detail painting on the engine block for the copper around the drive shafts, where the exhaust pipes will fit & gold for the suspension mountings.  The turbo unit in stage 4 was completed & painted ready to go on at a later point.

SECTION 2 :- Rear suspension preparation

This is one area of the kit that will take a lot of time but be well worth the effort you put in.  All of the metal rear suspension arms were filed down where they had the metal fixing bars attached. I used a large file at 1st then used fine grade paper all over the arms to give the paint a better surface to stick to. The arms were sprayed in matt black, given a light sand, clean & then re-sprayed to make sure the paint would hold & finally the metal brackets screwed in.

Now back to stages 3 & 4 where I painted & glued in the fixing bars for the rear panels & then the sub assembly E9 screwed & glued back in.  The inner silver driveshaft ring were put in. Time to fit the arms & you will now see why I left off the turbo & work to the front of the engine.  To fit the lower arms you need to fit a small, and I do mean small, bracket (R32) with a screw & it is a tight fit so without the turbo & pipes in the way it makes it a lot easier. After all of this I then made & fitted the 2 braided pipes.

suspension arms fitted to engine block

The rear suspension dampers come as a working unit so need preparation work doing on them.  The easiest thing to do is to paint all of the shock absorber parts before you screw the shafts into housings.  When you come to screw the damper arm to the bracket just check against the instructions which end you screw in so that the arm will fit the rear wheels later.  This part can be put in a safe place till a later stage.

completed damper assembly

SECTION 3 :- Suspension & engine work

I am now going back a few instruction steps & doing some work on the engine again.  I painted the 2 drive belts, alternator & pipes in stage 5 & glued them in place.  The cylinder heads & support bracket were painted & then screwed together as in stage 6, then mated with the cylinder block.  I then followed the guide on stage 8 & put the oil cooler & inner water pipes onto the unit. 

Basic engine block ready for painting

Before we start on the rear wheel hubs we need to put in a set of body panels & suspension levers.  I painted both sides of the panels in Humbrol's "Ferrari Red" using my airbrush. I used the guide given by Tamiya on how to fit the metal foil as I not very experienced in  using it  & I think I did a "good" job, but I found it very difficult to get it to form around the raised fixing points & had to use a very steady hand & sharp scapel to cut out around the raised area then using a cocktail stick smooth the foil to the edge. The lever & 2 small tanks were fitted to the top of the engine & using a small pair of tweezers fitted the vinyl tubing.  

rear inner body panels fitted

It was now time to fit the sub assembled rear shockers to the unit.  Just be aware not to fully tighten the screws to start with to allow you some movement to get all of them in, then it is just a case of tightening them up but still allowing the suspension arms & bracket to move.

suspension dampers now on the gearbox

SECTION 4 :- Rear wheel hubs

Spending some time on these will give you a lot of satisfaction even if most of the hub will not be seen when the model is finished. The first thing I did was to make up the brake disc which comes in 2 halves & a nut is glued in between them.  While these dried I painted up the brake callipers & highlighted the pads in Matt Black.  You have to put 2 decals on each brake calliper & I found that after putting them on a coat of gloss varnish helped them stay in position.  The wheel housings & the 2 parts of the brake ducts were painted in Satin Black ready for assembly.

First stage of rear wheel hub build

Now to put the hubs together. I followed the stages 16 & 17 & all I had to do to finish was give a light sand where the brake ducts join & touch up with Satin Black. The wheel hubs are now ready to go onto the car.

Rear wheel hubs now ready to go on the suspension

When fitting the rear wheel hubs I found it better to have the drive shafts fitted in the gearbox end first the put one screw in & turn just enough to get it to bite allowing you freedom to adjust the suspension arms to marry up to the other holes & only when all 3 screws are in then tighten them up fully.

Rear hubs mounted to suspension arms


Part 2 will be finishing the engine work & 1st stage of the monocoque build...NOW ONLINE